Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Melungeon_Kin list in the hands of the adversary

And so the BEAT goes on! Who ARE these people? NOT MELUNGEONS!!

The Melungeon Kin list lay dormant for several years until Marie gave over ownership to Tari and that group of folks who think the ONLY Melungeons were those from Newman's Ridge.

Recently a new poster sent an e-mail to the list and I responded that for all intents and purposes the list was dead and suggested she join my Melungeon mailing list.

Tari and a couple of those "Hysterical Melungeons" wrote in testing their membership and asked if they could get the list up and running again.

Tari wrote 'let's try,' and listed the things that the list WOULD NOT WRITE about.

I responded with the following post:

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1. Re: What NOT to focus on! (NMorri3924@aol.com)


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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:48:54 EST
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Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON-KIN] What NOT to focus on!
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In a message dated 1/25/2010 3:04:48 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
melungeon-kin-request@rootsweb.com writes:

"And most importantly we will not focus on those myths that are out there
like diseases, jewish or Turkish ancestry, ectera."

Thanks Tari, I won't write about my opinions that Melungeon descendants
show DNA that coincides with that of Turks in the areas of what used to be
Anatolia. Nor will I write about certain physical features such as the
Anatolian bump or Central Asian Cranial Ridge which are anthropological markers of
certain ancient ancestries.

I also won't mention my own mtDNA which shows input from the area NOW Syria
and which traveled through what is NOW Armenia, Turkey, Greece before
spreading all over Europe. Nor will I write about my Dad's mtDNA which began in
the area NOW Venice, Italy making him a 'cousin' to the famous ICE MAN
found in the Alps several years back and who was thought then to have lived
5,000 years ago.

And just because I am mentioning my Jewish and Turkish and other
Mediterranean ancestries, I will not mention the fact that I have Familial
Mediterranean Fever, an inherited genetic illness that can be FATAL left untreated,
nor any of the other diseases that are appearing amongst Appalachian Mt.
families, Melungeons included.

I also won't mention the fact that my major DNA from ancient times comes
from Guinea-Bissau, Africa, and North African Morrocan Berbers. And yet
everyone in my family that I can find is labeled 'white' whatever that means.

And I won't talk about the fact that I believe all of the ancestries came
together because of a Melungeon connection from a variety of families like
the Belchers of Montgomery Co., VA whom Virginia DeMarce listed in her
notes as 'needing more research, since she felt they were tied to the

I won't write about my Will Collins for whom I have been searching for over
30 years and who was in the area of far SWVA where known Melungeons lived,
nor will I write about the Remy/Ramey family who were likely Jews who left
Spain during the Inquistion, came to France and flourished and then spread
around the world and were found in the area now Scott Co., VA and over
into KY. DeMarce and others thought they were Melungeons.

I also won't write about my connecting family lines, the Hagers, Sparks,
Musicks and others, almost all of whom I believe had Melungeon 'wives, or

So you guys who NOW own a list that used to talk about ALL of these things
want to get it started up again and WHO started this desire to get it going
again? I DID with my post that this list is for all intents and purposes
DEAD. :-) I am the person who focuses on EVERY SINGLE thing that you said we
will NOT focus on, plus more.

Good luck with this list. I hope it works for you. It is not a Melungeon
Love and health in family ties,

End of MELUNGEON-KIN Digest, Vol 5, Issue 5 DON'T STOP HERE!!!
Guess what came just NOW????? LOL

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And I wrote that I would just rejoin the list under another e-dress! And that this was going UP on my blog and sent to my own mailing list. POWER TO THE PEOPLE or some such phrase! :-)