Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Melungeons from Will Allen Dromgoole

From Will Allen Dromgoole

From Will Allen Dromgoole, journalist who wrote about the early Melungeons who frequently called her Will Allen Damnfoole:

"These two, Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson, were the head and source of
theMelungeons in Tennessee. With the cunning of their Cherokee ancesters,
they planned and executed a scheme by which they were enabled to "set up
for themselves" in the almost unbroken Territory of North Carolina.

Old Buck, as he was called, was disguised by a wash of some dark description,and taken
to Virginia by Vardy where he was sold as a slave. He was a magnificent specimen of physical

strength, and brought a fine price, a wagon and mules, a lot ofgoods, and three hundred dollars in money being paid to old Vardy for his "likely nigger".

Once out of Richmond, Vardy turned his mules shoes and stuck out for thewilderness of North Carolina, as previously planned. Buck lost little time riddinghimself of his negro disguise,swore he was not the man bought of Collins , and followed in the wake of his fellow
thief to the Territory. The proceeds of the sale were divided and each chose
his habitation; old Vardy choosing Newman's Ridge, where he was soon joined
by others of his race, and so the Melungeons became a part of the inhabitants
of Tennessee.

This story I know is true. There are reliable parties still living who received it from old Vardy himself."

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