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One Hundred and Eighty-four URLS for Melungeon Research: Part I

One Hundred and Eighty-four URLS for Melungeon Research:

This list is certainly not exhaustive of what can be found on the internet, but it is a good start to Melungeon research.

If you find a URL that is not working, try going to:

Input the website url that is given and in many cases you will be taken back to the way the site used to be.

WEBSITES with Melungeon information:

This list is divided into parts:

1.General Melungeon Research

2.Common Melungeon Surname Research

3.Geographical and Place Name Research of areas where Melungeons may be found.

4.Melungeon Mailing Lists

5.Possible Ancestors of Melungeons: Native American Research/Portuguese/Spanish etc.





1.American Anthropological Association, Statement on Race,


2.An ONLINE Dictionary Definition of Melungeons:




From The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday June 7, 1998 by Ted Anthony


4.African American Links page by Eleanor

Rediscovering the Names and Lives of Slaves, Freedpersons and Their Descendants:


5. BAIRD, Robert

Book Studies Turkish, Melungeon links


6. BALDWIN, Patricia

Keeper of the Family's Sash:



One of the earliest writers about the Melungeons was Bonnie Ball. Here is an excerpt from her book:


8. BEREA: Brushy Fork Institute

Articles on Native Americans, African Americans,Melungeons, Jews and Multi-cultural ancestry"


9. C.I.B,

The Mystery of the Melungeons


10. CAMPBELL, Helen

The Melungeon Page



Chesnut Genealogical Home Page

Featuring many useful research tools, Bolin, Bolling and many more!


12. CLABBY, Catherine

Dig Finds evidence of Spanish Fort

Archaeologists say artifacts unearthed near Morganton point to 1567 outpost


13. .DePRATTER, Chester

Santa Elena Home Page


14. DOUGHERTY, James

The Legend of Swift's Silver Mine


15. DOUGLAS, Karlton

An overview of the Melungeons with connecting links.


16. DOVEY, Dee

Links to MANY Melungeon websites and data for research'sPage/melungpg.htm


17. DROMGOOLE, Will Allen

The Melungeon Tree and Its Four Branches

The Heart of Old Hickory and Other Stories of Tennessee: Fiction: The Heart of Old Hickory and Other Stories of Tennessee: Electronic Edition.Dromgoole, Will Allen, 1860-1934


18. ELDER, Pat Spurlock

How to Research a Little Bit of Melungeon: A Basic Guideline


19. ELLIOT, Carl

Adventures in the Gene Pool


20. EVANS, Raymond

The Graysville Melungeons


21. FARLEY, Gloria:

In Plain Site
A fascinating site describing archaeological findings in the middle of the
United States of folks who were not supposed to be here but were with mentions of Melungeons:


22. FIELDS, Bill

Under One Sky, an online newsletter with Melungeon connecting links:


23. GABBARD, Fred W.

Historical Sketches of Owsley County, KY


24. Hancock County, the home of the Melungeons

25. HAUN, Mildred

FICTION - From Virginia Tech, comes the story of MELUNGEON-COLORED, by Mildred
Haun. Excellent story that gives us an idea of what it meant to be a Melungeon - be sure to read it. Have a hanky handy!

26. Hawkins Co., TN Links Site:


27. HAYES, Kevin

The Atlanta Melungeon Project


28. HIRSCHMAN, Elizabeth

Melungeons: The Last Lost Tribe in America


29. JOHNS, Vicki Slagle

Written With a Flourish

Local Color Writers of TN including Dromgoole:


30. JORDAN, Vern

The Melungeon People "Article in story form concerning the Melungeon people."

31. KENNEDY, N. Brent:

Barbadoes Link to Melungeon Surnames

The Melungeons: A New Path

Where We are Today: Comments on the State of Melungeon Research

redirect takes you to My Melungeon Depot. Click ARTICLES, scroll down the page.

The Melungeons: An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America

How Do I Define Melungeon?

Book studies Turkish, Melungeon links: From Anatoliato Appalachia:


32. KESSLER, John S.and Donald B. Ball

North From the Mountains: The Carmel Melungeons of Ohio


33. KIRK, Lowell

Origin of the Melungeons


34. KOLHOFF, Michael

Fugitive Communities in Colonial America


35. LIPSCOMB, Terry

The McDonald Furman Papers, 1889-1903


36. LISTER, Richard

World: Americas Lost People of Appalachia


37. LYDAY-LEE, Kathy

Professor Studies Dromgoole's life, works


38. MARLER, Don

The Louisiana Redbones,


39. MOHN, Dan C.

Surname links for, VA; history links; Nat'l Societies Links


40. .MOORE, Mrs. John Trotwood

Letter to Walter Plecker Regarding Melungeon Classification


41. MORRELLO, Carol

Beneath Myth: Melungeons Find Roots of Oppression


42. MORRISON, Nancy Sparks


Diagrams of physical characteristics

Common Melungeon surnames

Sparks Genealogy:
(Select: Index/Nancy's Corner/The Melungeon Connection)
(Select: Index/The Melungeon Media Release)

The Mystery of the Melungeons, by Nancy Sparks Morrison
IIGSÖ Newsletter - October 1998

Brownlow's Whig:

Brownlow was a preacher, and the editor/owner of the Whig Newspaper in Jonesborough, TN in 1840. His use of the term 'Malungeon' is one of the earliest mentions of that word that can be found in print.


By Swan M. Burnett, M. D., Washington October 1889 <<Legends of the Melungeons I first heard at my father's knee as a child in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee...* Read before the Society at its regular meeting, February 5, 1889.>> (Full text of the above follows these notes)


43. MURRAH, Lee

Redbones and Melungeons


44. MUSHKO, Becky

Winner 1999 Lonesome Pine Short Story Contest:


Nobody had any use for the Collinses. They were Melungeons—a dark, mysterious clan who lived on top of Brushy Mountain and rarely showed themselves except for when deputies raided their still and arrested whatever Collins boys they could catch. Rumor had it a Collins’d shoot you soon as look at you. Folks said their children grew wild as weeds and scattered like seeds to the wind when they came of age. Most younger Collins children didn’t go to school, and if they did, it didn’t hold them long. The truant officer never bothered to bring them back


45. NASSUA, Mike

Melungeon LINKS page:

What is a Melungeon?

Melungeon Page, w/ some wonderful pictures:


46. OLD STATE HOUSE MUSEUM: A Multimedia Museum of Arkansas History, People and Culture:

Jacob Mooney’s Slaves Carry on Without Him for Years
Their Reward: Freedom


47. ORR, Evelyn McKinley and Others

"The Origin of Name Melungeon, From Northern European People,

or Else the Wider World Views?


48. PHELPS, Steven

The World Was Really Their Home



Wired News: The 'Lost Tribe' of Appalachia,1294,53165,00.html

Wired News: Melungeon Secrets Solved, Sort of…,1282,53383,00.html

Wired News: Genealogy Makes Strides With DNA,1286,53428,00.html


50. PIPES, Daniel

Review of The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People by N. Brent Kennedy


51. PLECKER, Walter A.

1942 Letter to the Tennessee Secretary of State

52. PRITCHARD, Kelly

Kelly's Melungeon MUSIC page:


53. ROBERTSON, Rhonda

Historical Sketches of SW Virginia

The National Melungeon Registry

54. SCHROEDER, Joan Vannorsdall

First Union: The Melungeons Revisted.


55. SHORT, Martha

Welcome to my Melungeon Webpage

Melungeon Links Page:

Mountain Ties


56. STILLWEL, Jenny, contributed by:

Stony Creek Church Minutes

RE-Direct to



Ethnic Research

Below are web sites concerning genealogy research about different ethnic groups. This list does not begin to include all groups; but we've tried to include the ones that we know affect our ancestors in the Tri-State area

59. WINKLER, Wayne

Walking Toward the Sunset
The Melungeons of Appalachia

Cont'd on Part II

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