Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Hi-Jacking of ALL Melungeon Research

The following opinion was posted to the Melungeon message board at
I am also posting it here and in other places to assure that it remains available on the net.
To any Melungeon researcher:
Approximately 50 people have hi-jacked ALL Melungeon research, calling it their own and refusing to listen to anyone who has conflicting views.
Wherever possible, the owners of lists concerning Melungeons have restricted their membership to those folks who agree with their statements and have refused to allow any statements other than approved ones to be on their lists.  Their stated purpose is to limit their lists to people who support the aims of the list and who are in tune with its philosophy, thus insuring that any IDEA in variance with these aims will never be heard by their membership. Doesn't this sound 'funny' to you?  Isn't something similar going on in Texas today?

Some members of these specific lists have been unsubbed from the lists without notification. This also closes the archives of these lists to the view of anyone having an opposing position. What is all the secrecy about? Is there something shameful going on that we should know about and that they don't want known?
Even this message board has been taken over by this small group and I feel it is quite likely that my message here will be deleted shortly, so I am placing it on several Melungeon blogs as well. It will remain on the net for folks to find.
I firmly DISAGREE with much of what has been written in the last few months on boards such as this one, excepting certain proven documents from the past. I firmly believe that Melungeon research should NOT be quashed by folks who have determined that ONLY the people that they WANT to be Melungeons or descendants can post to this or any list without them posting e-mails with all sorts of complaints, ridicule, nasty words etc. I FIRMLY disagree that the reputations of researchers who are unable because of disability to defend their work should be ruined by POLITICAL debate of something that happened after WW I that has been ongoing in Melungeon research at the present.
I have as much right to research and disseminate Melungeon data as anyone else. Yet, I am talked about both behind my back and to my face. I am dismissed from Melungeon research according to this SMALL group of approx. 50 people and made fun of. This affects me, but it also affects hundreds of other folks who would LIKE to know about their Melungeon descended families, possible health issues and more, and yet they are afraid to post simply because of what they have seen posted by a VERY FEW of the most vocal of this group of restrictive Melungeon researchers.
The beliefs of this small group of researchers about Melungeons are racist, restrictive, and in my own personal opinion they try to deny anything other than European and Native American ancestry. While I would like to unify people, they divide.
If you do not like such tactics, I invite you to join my Melungeon mailing list where folks are friendly, many origins, and genealogies are discussed along with culture, history, dna, and more. There is NO fighting, NO arguments on my list. It is active, different everyday and highly interesting. Please send an e-mail to:
Look for a response from and I will be glad to have you joining us.
Love and health in family ties,
The Melungeon Health Education and Support Network:


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